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RCR Picks for Week 12 are Sorry for Missing Week 11, and Really Like Michigan

This is that weekly feature that you don't like. It's back. Sorry.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

If this were a feature of this website that you cared about, you probably would have been like "what gives" when last week's picks weren't shared with you. Truth be told, we didn't make any, because I didn't do my duty as the managing editor emeritus of this SB Nation property. I'm basically a terrible absent father, and I'm not all that apologetic about it.

After being chastised and nagged by the RCR picks leader, I slapped together a septet of contests for this weekend and, in the process, learned that this week's a pretty dang interesting one in college football. There's The Big Game between Cal and Stanford, Sparty looking to spoil Ohio State's season (they won't), a Northwestern and Wisconsin game that's actually between two good teams, and the Ole Miss vs. LSU game we so look forward to every year. I tossed a few of those meaningful contests into this week's picks and mixed them with a few snoozer games with interesting lines, because I hate fun and predictability.

The standings after ten weeks of picks (and one week without) are as follows:

  1. Juco (40-30)
  2. Jeff (38-32)
  3. Borkey and Ghost (37-33)
  4. Whiskey Wednesday (35-35)
  5. Smeargle and Gray (33-37)
  6. Berry (31-39)

Our picks against the spread for a choice selection of this week's games are:

We're all over the place. We're confident that Michigan is a much better team against Penn State, but the rest of these are a big ol' pile of shrug emoji. OF NOTE: Whiskey Wednesday is out of the country right now on a "cruise" with his "fiancee" or something just as stupid and lame* so I made his picks by literally taking the exact opposite of my picks. He and I have been friends for a long time, so he totally won't have a problem with this.**

*I'm jealous and mad.
**He very much will have a problem with this.