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SEC Power Poll Ballot: The top is about to get a lot clearer.

Someday, ranking SEC football teams from 1-14 won't be an exercise in ridiculousness.

Yeah. That block looks totally legal.
Yeah. That block looks totally legal.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
  1. LSU - The time has finally come. The Fighting Fournettes take on the #3 rushing defense in the country in Alabama. Which seemingly unyielding counterpart will prove the lesser? That question is likely to decide the SEC Western Division Champion.
  2. Alabama - This is an oversimplification because Mississippi State and Auburn could each play spoiler, but it has the feeling of a one game season for Alabama. "If they lose, I can't wait to see all the crow eating video rants by Bama fans," said no one ever.
  3. Florida - Hey, rotating SEC East teams: don't worry. You're destined to be good at least twice a decade. Yep. Your team should be rounding back into form riiiiight when you rotate onto Ole Miss' schedule. The same can be said for out-of-conference opponents. See: Wake Forest, Wyoming, Memphis, et al.
  4. Ole Miss - Y'all... Ole Miss could possibly maybe still be good. Over the past two weeks, the defense has looked like everyone expected them to be at the beginning of the season. They're keeping quarterbacks from completing many passes and are forcing teams to kick field goals in the red zone. Of course, it could just be that they've faced bad quarterbacks two weeks in a row.
  5. Mississippi State - Mississippi State doesn't control its own destiny at this point, but it's still looking at a very good season, something not many predicted heading into the year. Dak Prescott continues to be an excellent college quarterback.
  6. Tennessee - Tennessee's final three SEC opponents are South Carolina, Missouri, and Vanderbilt. Please consult the bottom of this list. Tennesee's going to finish strong.
  7. Texas A&M - Kyler Murray did some good things in his first start, but that close win over South Carolina can't be too encouraging to the fans. One has to wonder how long A&M can stomach consistently winning 7-9 regular season games and still somehow not really doing anything.
  8. Georgia - Sadly, I think it's probably time for Georgia to make a change. They weren't able to take advantage of a depleted SEC East while it was still horrible. Now it's slightly less bad, and they've looked really disappointing.
  9. Arkansas - Ole Miss beat UT-Martin by more points than did Arkansas. That makes us better. You can just go ahead and forfeit this weekend's game if you want to do so.
  10. Auburn -  I ranked Auburn kinda low, but let me say this. That defensive line, with a healthy Carl Lawson, is really scary. Auburn's downfall at the moment is inefficient QB play. That doesn't seem much better after the quarterback change.
  11. Kentucky - I theorize that Kentucky is taking my advice from several weeks ago. At that time, I said they should focus all their time and effort in ensuring they beat Vanderbilt two weeks from now. If they do that, they're bowling, and the losses to State, Tennessee, probably Georgia, and probably Lousiville don't really even matter. DO IT. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.
  12. South Carolina - Strange that South Carolina's players decided to put together a good game after the Head Ball Coach had retired. Maybe there's something to the idea that he shouldn't have been coaching football anymore.
  13. Vanderbilt - Vandy was feeling pretty good after an emotional 10-3 win over Missouri. Then Houston put up 34 and shut them out. Keep doing you, Vanderbilt.
  14. Missouri - Let's say that purely hypothetically, Missouri loses its next four games. Does Gary Pinkel's seat start to get warm? No, right? No?