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Podcast Rebellion: Everything you need to know about Ole Miss vs. LSU

In the sixth installment of "Everything you need to know about Ole Miss vs. ____ ", Borkberry dive into another weird matchup against the Bayou Bengals, look at their own #analysis and make predictions with And the Valley Shook's Paul Crewe.

Hey, loyal readership and leadership, we've been away on business and stuff for some time but have no fear we are back. And just in time for the Magnolia Bowl. The Ole Miss Rebels will look to rebound from that hellacious, soul-sucking loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks and the LSU Tigers are looking to do the same after losing another Game of the Century to Alabama and then getting embarrassed by those same Razorbacks in Death Valley last week.

This one feels funky again to Borkberry and also to their esteemed guest, Paul Crewe from And the Valley Shook. The fellas all breakdown the interesting matchup between the Rebels and the Tigers with Mr. Crewe and discuss some groundbreaking storylines for this Saturday.

  • Will Leonard Fournette find a way to bounce back against the wounded Landsharks?
  • Can Chad Kelly stay on pace to destroy Eli Manning's single season passing records?
  • Is this weekend another opportunity for Laquon Treadwell, along with 68,000 of his closest friends, to hit the quan?
  • Who else will have a big game besides Laquon Treadwell because you know no one has been able to slow him down for weeks now?
  • Do the Rebels continue to run it effectively or will LSU stymie the run game?
  • What is YOUR score prediction for Saturday?

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Paul Crewe was gracious enough to provide us AND you with great insight and breaking down the game and does not deserve your shit for being an opposing team's fan. Be nice in the comments or you will get the hammer thrown down on you.