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2015 College Football Playoff rankings: Ole Miss moves back into the top 25

The Rebs pull in at No. 22 after sitting through a bye week.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Hugh Freeze's bold strategy to not play football last weekend paid off big time as Ole Miss jumped back into the Playoff rankings after sitting through a bye week. The Rebs, who fell out two weeks ago after that overtime to Arkansas, are back in at No. 22.

The bad news for Ole Miss' is that their two remaining opponents took expected tumbles in the rankings, which affects the Rebs' ability to climb back up between now and season's end. LSU, which got handed a second consecutive loss by Arkansas last Saturday, fell from No. 9 to No. 15. Mississippi State, which got dogged at home by Bama, dropped from No. 17 to unranked.

Up at the top, the final four is unchanged. Bama stayed at No. 2 behind Clemson despite considerations by the committee to swap them, while Notre Dame keeps it's hold on the four spot.

Here are the full rankings.

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