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SEC Power Poll Ballot: This conference is weird and difficult to understand

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama - I think any Ole Miss fans hoping for Bama to lose to Auburn will be sorely disappointed. This Alabama team is unexpectedly great at football.
  2. Florida - Florida is 9-1 with games against FAU and FSU remaining on the schedule. Would anyone be shocked at this point if they finished 11-1? Pretty good for a first year coach if you ask me.
  3. Arkansas - Dammit, Arkansas. Why did you have to make the conference look terrible in the first month or so of the season and then wreck two conference contenders in the final month? Quit being a dick.
  4. LSU - I mean, Leonard Fournette is still really good. People are really overreacting to two losses in a row. LSU can't win the conference anymore, but a lot of people were predicting a 7-5 or worse finish before the season started. Can't be too pissed at the moment.
  5. Tennessee - I know that the readers of this site don't like Tennessee this high. Sure, their only significant win came against Georgia, but they're also four plays away from being undefeated. Their margins of loss must just be debilitating to Tennessee fans thinking of what could have been.
  6. Ole Miss - I don't know. I really don't. One would think I'd have a read on a team I follow so closely this late into the season, but I just don't. The Rebels may be good, maybe. They may also go 7-5.
  7. Georgia - Greyson Lambert passed for 97 yards in the win against Auburn. That's mostly because Auburn, as a team, passed for just 62. Yeah. It was a thrilling game.
  8. Mississippi State - The Bulldog coaches called a very strange game. They weren't beating Alabama regardless, but a lot of their playcalls offensively seemed to play directly into Alabama's strengths on defense.
  9. Auburn - The Tigers have a lot to work on.
  10. Texas A&M - Kyler Murray's QBR versus Western Carolina? 39.1. I know they beat Mississippi State earlier in the year, but I don't know if that would happen now.
  11. Vanderbilt - They did it! Vanderbilt won two conference games!
  12. Kentucky - Oh, Kentucky. All you had to do was beat Vanderbilt to go bowling. You couldn't do it though. Is the Mark Stoops era coming to a close?
  13. Missouri - Missouri has a lot to sort out this offseason, and recruiting should hit an already mediocre class pretty hard. Tough to rebound quickly.
  14. South Carolina - Not much to cheer about right now for the Gamecocks either. Like Missouri, they're just going to have to recruit their way out of this.