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5-star OT Greg Little delays his commitment announcement

We were hoping to hear him commit to Ole Miss on Friday. Instead, we're back to waiting.

So Greg Little, the top-ranked offensive tackle recruit in the country, isn't quite ready to tell us where he'll play college football. He was supposed to make a decision between Ole Miss and Alabama around midday on Friday, but instead...

That Little has postponed the decision in order to focus on his high school playoffs seems kind of dumb considering that his original goal in announcing on Friday was to get it out of the way before the first playoff game. But that's the thing about crootin: most of it is pretty dumb.

Sayles talked to Little's mom, Terry Lacey-Little, and got the following quotes:

It's a family decision. We feel like it's a tough decision, and we're just not ready [Friday]. He's starting playoffs, and we just want to shut this down for right now.

We're looking at everything to where we're dotting every I and crossing every T. Once he's done with the playoffs and maybe after we get through the holidays, it'll give him a chance to decompress a little bit. From that point, there will be a lot more clarity.

Most of the reports around the interwebs were suggesting Little was set to pick the Rebs, so his delay isn't exactly good news for Hugh Freeze, who's hoping to secure a replacement for the soon-to-be-very-rich Laremy Tunsil. But let's be honest, a commitment in November doesn't mean all that much anyway. Let's not forget that five-star Drew Richmond was committed to Ole Miss for months before jumping ship for Tennessee days before National Signing Day 2015.