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SEC Power Poll: Ole Miss is not at the top.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
  1. Alabama - The Crimson Tide has earned this likely trip back to Atlanta. They beat the second best team in the conference and completely derailed a Heisman campaign.
  2. LSU - I'm not a fan of overcorrection when a team loses to the best team in the conference. I had LSU at 1 last week, and I don't see a reason to drop them past two now.
  3. Florida - I bet Florida fans are kicking themselves thinking about what could have been with Hugh Freeze as head coach.
  4. Mississippi State - Look, guys... they're good. Can we stop pretending they're not good?
  5. Tennessee - Ditto for Tennessee
  6. Georgia - What if Georgia loses to Auburn? I'm not saying that's going to happen, but... it might. If it does, should Mark Richt start updating the resume?
  7. Arkansas - They're not all that good, but they can throw passes to tight ends and open receivers. They can sometimes stop the opposing team from doing those same things. Because of that, they're ranked ahead of Ole Miss.
  8. Ole Miss - Yeah. Chad Kelly, based purely on statistical output, should be a first team All-SEC quarterback. Laquon Treadwell, Laremy Tunsil, and Robert Nkemdiche are herculean. What does that tell you about the rest of the team and/or coaching?
  9. Auburn - Just.... decide who the starting quarterback is going to be, and let that quarterback play football.
  10. Texas A&M - Oh, A&M. Don't worry. We do, in fact, know how you feel. It sucks to start every year in spectacular fashion before fizzling down the stretch, doesn't it? Here's a Kleenex.
  11. Kentucky - Alright, now it's time to beat Vanderbilt and propel yourselves into bowl eligibility. The rest of the season is going according to plan.
  12. South Carolina - 3-6 with games against Florida, The Citadel, and Clemson. So... 4-8 (1-7)? Neat.
  13. Vanderbilt - The Vanderbilt defense has been great this season outside of a game or two. That offense though, yikes. The Commodores passed for 30 yards against Florida.
  14. Missouri - Drew Lock's QBR against Mississippi State was 3.8 (out of 100). That's usually not going to get the job done, Drew.