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Podcast Rebellion 1.47: Where have all the Landsharks gone?

Borkberry and Whiskey Wednesday talk about a stupid sport that is stupid and you shouldn't even listen because it's all stupid.

The sport of football is stupid. We will talk basketball food later this week. Deal with it.

Ole Miss lost a really stupid game against Arkansas by the score of 53-52 in overtime. Chad Kelly and the offense were brilliant. The defense, eh, not so much. It was really bad. Despite Chad's career day and Laquon Treadwell setting an Ole Miss record, the Rebels were not able to find that eighth win and stay in the driver's seat for the West division. Now, the bye week is here and the team will have a few days to mull this one over.

And yes, I give you permission to get #madonline in the comments.

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  • Can Ole Miss win out still?
  • Why the hell is Dave Wommack being a stubborn jerk and not playing press man?
  • Will Chad Kelly break 4K passing yards?
  • Is Laquon Treadwell going to break Shay Hodge's single-season receiving record?
  • Can the Rebels bounce back against LSU in two weeks?
  • Where will the Rebs finish in crootin?
  • What's your favorite dish to make at home?