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RCR Picks for Week Six, Because Week Five Never Happened

It's nice to take a break from football every now and then, as the college football universe did last week.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody played football last week. Nothing happened. There weren't any big upsets or surprising, lopsided victories or anything like that. Nope. Nothing.

If there were games played last week, and if the writers of this website had decided to pick against the spread among a selection of them, we would have seen last week's gridiron calamity demonstrated in our results. We would have seen that, a week removed from someone going a perfect 7-0, the best record on the weekend was a pedestrian 4-3, with most folks only picking two or three games correctly. You'd also have seen that the contestants are all regressing towards a mean of some sort, with a great narrowing of overall scores. We would project then that, soon, we'll all be tied and happy and boring.

If that were to have taken place (which it did not, because nobody played football last weekend), the standings would be:

  1. Juco
  2. Ghost and Borkey
  3. Gray, Smeargle, Berry, Whiskey Wednesday, and Jeff, who is in last place still, but no longer owns it.

As for week six, where football will be played, here are the games we're watching and how we're guessing they go down:

The Sooners are going to beat the hell out of the Longhorns. That's the only thing we can agree on. Well, that, and this being a "meh" weekend of college football. Maybe though that's what we need (and deserve) after being one of the many victims of last week's #chaos.