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Around the SEC Week 6: It's flame-out time for Tennessee and Auburn

Welcome back to the SEC whip-around. This week's installment wonders after Butch Jones' and Duke Williams' anger issues, Cocky's weather woes, and a supremely disappointed Georgia fan.

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In times of trouble the sweet release of escapism and attention directed elsewhere can soothe a turbulent heart. And so forget, if only for a moment, the Rebs' abysmal showing on Saturday. Forget Ole Miss' offensive struggles and defensive no-shows. Forget the injury-laden secondary and the absent Laremy Tunsil. Be calm, dear traveler.

There is yet mirth to be found this week, so long as one ignores the Rebels' precipitous slide off the College Football Playoff big board. Ole Miss still controls its own destiny -- though that destiny appears bleaker and bleaker as injuries and possible Tee Shepard walk-offs float to the surface -- and barring a collapse on the scale of 2014's late-season bowel movement, a trip to Atlanta still glimmers out there on the horizon.

Lay that all aside, however, and gaze ye fondly on the tire fire in Rocky Top, a sudden change of venue for the Gamecocks, and the epitome of Georgia fandom.

South Carolina has to play a 'home game' in Baton Rouge

Following historically torrential and destructive downpours in the Carolina low country that led to dam breaks, washouts and at least 15 drownings, Saturday's LSU-USC game has been relocated to Baton Rouge, reports the Post and Courier's Dave Caraviello. Call it the "Les Miles effect" or "an act of God sent in retribution for taking down the Confederate flag from statehouse grounds" or "the logical outcome of Hurricane Joaquin kicking up apocalyptic outer-ring precipitation," the move to Death Valley surely stings an already beleaguered Gamecocks squad that's having a very, very bad 2015.

Anyway, LSU fans who feel their team singularly persecuted for playing the season's toughest away schedule since Leningrad ought to breathe a sigh of relief, since they won't have to go into Columbia and contend with Spurrier's juggernaut offense defense visor on his own turf.

Butch Jones is beatin' up his linemen



What a week in Knoxville. If Reddit message boards and vague Internet rumors can be believed, seething hemorrhoid Butch Jones maybe hit Mack Crowder, one of his big, experienced linemen back in fall practices, it was reported Tuesday, only to see Coach Angry Face dismiss standout WR Pig Howard for undisclosed violations of team rules on Wednesday. Howard had sat out Tennessee's last two games due to a concussion sustained against Western Carolina, and he previously did not participate in the Vols' season-opener for another violation of team rules.

There was a time that Tennessee attracted talk of making a run at the SEC East, but at 2-3 (0-2 SEC) that conversation has wholly evaporated. Rocky Top's run game still looks promising-ish, but my-oh-my the Vols are terrible in pretty much every other aspect of American football. Have fun against Georgia this Saturday, Butch!

See ya, Duke Williams

Scanning down the rest of the conference's scorecard, Auburn WR Duke Williams almost definitely landed some punches earlier this season during an altercation at Skybar out on the Plains. Take it away's Wesley Sinor:

According to the witness, the incident was sparked when a member of Williams' party was kicked out of Skybar for wearing sunglasses inside, a violation of the bar's dress code policy. Williams, who the witness said appeared intoxicated, attempted to get his friend back into the bar using his local celebrity status only to be denied.

It seems that pedestrian victories over San Jose State no longer grant celebrity status in Auburn, Ala., and really you can't blame the bouncers here. Sunglasses inside? Bruh, y'all almost dropped one to Jacksonville State at home. Outta here.

This Georgia bro is *really* sad

Hate to remind you, but the Rebs lost to Florida on Saturday, 38-10. Let's check in on the other team that face-planted, 38-10, shall we? What is one to do when one's favorite bed-wetting perennial top-10 favorite goes and gets murdered by AlabamaYou make a crazy, ranting, non-sensical, cigarette-wielding YouTube video, of course (h/t @AthensGrease):

Good grief.

It's been 32 days since Laremy Tunsil was relegated to NCAA limbo. #FreeTunsil