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Podcast Rebellion 1.40: What the hell happened?

In the 40th running of Podcast Rebellion Borkey and Juco All-American try to digest Ole Miss' loss at Florida.

Well, the good news is it was only week five and there's still seven weeks remaining. The bad news is this one is gonna sting for a while. As you all know by now the Rebs were trounced in the Swamp to the tune of 38-10 and just never really looked like they were mentally or physically in the football game at all.

Never fear though, loyal Cuppers, Borkey and Juco All-American are here to tell you that everything is ok talk about what the hell is going on with the offensive line, the red zone playcalling and all the other glorious things that went wrong. We're not entirely sure if Berry is just on vacation in New York City or if he's fleeing the South to get as far away from the Florida defensive buzzsaw as he can. Either way, he will return later this week.

But, now you can sit back and listen to the soothing sounds of Juco trying to figure this whole thing out and the sultry voice of Borkey will guide you along the way. Crank that widget up above to 100 and get read for New Mexico State or click the link below to subscribe on iTunes and hit us up with a review while you're at it.

  • Have you cooled off since the Florida loss or nah?
  • At least Auburn sucks, right?
  • Is the Gus Bus in need of a tune up or a salvage yard?
  • What exactly are we looking to accomplish in the NMSU and Memphis games?
  • Alabama for real now?

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