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SEC Power Poll, Week 5: Ok... so Alabama's good

Like... really good.

The classic "stare down" defense
The classic "stare down" defense
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama - Maybe it was just a fluke loss to Ole Miss.
  2. LSU - LSU has passed for more than 100 yards in a game just once this season, and it doesn't even matter.
  3. Florida - The Gators have a tremendous defense, and Will Grier looks poised for a good career at quarterback.
  4. A&M - The defense the Aggies are fielding has been excellent so far. If it stays that way through the upcoming meat of the schedule, A&M will be playing in Atlanta.
  5. Georgia - Georgia and Ole Miss are in the "we thought they were good, but they were blown out" tier this week. Welcome to the party, Bulldogs. The bourbon's all gone.
  6. Ole Miss - I don't want to talk about it.
  7. Mississippi State - The Bulldogs actually have some positive takeaways from this loss. They ran more designed runs to Dak Prescott and began to integrate playmaking freshman Malik Dear.
  8. Kentucky - Oh no! Kentucky is 4-1! Basketball school jokes aren't funny anymore! What will anyone say in this blurb?
  9. Arkansas - Against Tennessee, Arkansas got back to their winning strategy: complete fewer than 50% of your passes and rush for 275 yards.
  10. Missouri - Did we just witness the passing of the torch in Missouri? Drew Lock played a good game, and his name rhymes with Mauk, so quarterback-related cheers don't have to be reworked.
  11. Tennessee - That Tennessee rush defense tho.
  12. Auburn - The Tigers just couldn't distance themselves from San Jose State. How is this happening? Is this real life?
  13. Vanderbilt - The Commodore offense struggled against MTSU, throwing two picks, but with the Blue Raiders mustering just 1.5 yards per carry, they couldn't capitalize.
  14. South Carolina - Remember when South Carolina signed five-star recruits and was consistently ranked in the top 25? Think that will ever happen again? Clemson doesn't.