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Ole Miss beats Auburn, 27-19: Laquon Treadwell gets revenge

It was sketchy for a while, but Quon put up big numbers down the stretch to deliver a clutch SEC road win.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Well, hot damn. Ole Miss beat Auburn. It wasn't the prettiest of games, but they did, indeed, get dat W. I must confess that I proclaimed Auburn would win midway through the second quarter. I was wrong, Here's why:

Ole Miss started throwing the ball to Laquon Treadwell. At the half, Treadwell had one target. He finished with seven receptions for 114 yards and a gorgeous touchdown. Once Treadwell became heavily involved in the offense, things started clicking. The running game ended up averaging four yards per carry. Chad Kelly passed for over 380 yards.

This was also a big game for Damore'ea Stringfellow, who finished with eight receptions. The defensive line was also quite good, and the run defense overall limited Auburn to 3 yards per carry.

But the overall story here is what a win keeps alive: if Ole Miss continues to win football games, it can go to Atlanta. It's certainly not likely that the Rebels will win out, but it's possible. I'm not taking anything for granted. They could lose to Arkansas next week. However, if they don't they have two weeks to prepare for LSU and then a huge matchup in the Egg Bowl.

Regardless, Ole Miss fans should be thrilled with the outcome of this game. Sure, there were some silly calls. Sure, There were some bad drops. But Ole Miss got the win. At this point, that's all that matters.