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No. 3 Ole Miss Rebels vs. No. 25 Florida Gators OPEN THREAD

If you ain't in the Swamp, then spend your Saturday evening with this group if e-Rebs.

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This is one of those games that Ole Miss fans cannot help but have a strange feeling about. Ole Miss is a damn good football team, having beaten Alabama in Tuscaloosa to prove as much. Elite wide receivers, a gutsy (if not crazy) quarterback, and a fierce defensive line have led the Rebels to a 4-0 record and a No. 3 ranking. They are a touchdown favorite against a ranked Florida team in the Swamp, which would be crazy talk in most any season in the past few decades.

But Ole Miss, like every other team, is a flawed one. A thin, banged up offensive line that is without its best player is likely to struggle against a strong Florida defensive line. The Rebel offense has not consistently put together a rushing attack all season. Chad Kelly, after a masterful (and, to be frank, fortunate) performance against Alabama, looked rattled against Vanderbilt in an unconvincing win last weekend.

Ole Miss currently sits atop the SEC West alongside Texas A&M and LSU, both of whom are also undefeated. An Ole MIss win today allows the Rebs to hang on to that spot for a few more weeks. A loss tonight doesn't doom the Rebels, but it does set the team back in their bid for an SEC Championship berth, and would do a lot to temper Rebel fan optimism.

So of course we're nervous about tonight's game. It's rare for the Rebels to have had two games within the first five weeks that are so important to the season's final outcome, and the levels of expectations we have had for this program over the past couple of seasons are unprecedented in recent memory. This game is as close to a must-win as a non-must-win can be. We must remember, however, that the team we've seen take the field in the red and blue this season has had poise and moxie where we fans have had nerves. They'll come to play with a purpose tonight in Gainesville, and if they keep their game efficient and effective, they will win handily.

How to watch

When: 6 p.m. CT
Where: Gainesville, Fla.
Online streaming: WatchESPN

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Check in with us. Let us know where you're watching from and what you're drinkin' on. If you're in Gainesville, please pay attention to the game itself and not this dumb website. Other than that, have fun.