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Podcast Rebellion: Everything you need to know about Ole Miss vs. Auburn

In the fifth installment of "Everything you need to know about Ole Miss vs. ____ ", Borkberry dive into the funky matchup with Auburn, look at their own #analysis and make predictions with College and Magnolia's Jared.

The Landsharks are back. Well, maybe. This is the weekend that we see if they have in fact returned. And the offense, woo boy they looked good, right? Laremy Tunsil is back and the men up front looked better than ever. The Rebels rushed for over 200 yards and Chad Kelly operated with a clean pocket for most of the night. Now, on to this weekend, this is the game that we see what Hugh Freeze and Co. are made of. This is year four of Freeze's journey and these are the games that programs win when they want to be labeled as "elite" and "worthy". So in order to see just what exactly the Rebels are in for once they get on the Plains, Borkberry welcome in Jared from College and Magnolia to break it all down.

The rascals will discuss if Sean White has turned the corner or not, will we get to see the Laremy Tunsil vs Carl Lawson rematch and what can we expect from the Auburn faithful at 11am.

You heard Jared's prediction (27-26 in favor of Auburn) and now you get to hear the picks from Borkberry:

Berry - 33-17 Ole Miss

Borkey - 31-14 Ole Miss

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Jared was gracious enough to provide us AND you with great insight and breaking down the game and does not deserve your shit for being an opposing team's fan. Be nice in the comments or you will get the hammer thrown down on you.