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Podcast Rebellion 1.44: One down, four to go

After throttling the Texas A&M Aggies, the Ole Miss Rebels turn their attention to the Plains as Borkberry welcome in Gray Hardison to break it all down and try to help Bork with his Twitter dot com game.

Well, that's what everyone likes to see. Laquon hit the Quan. C.J. Johnson was back and invading backfields. Trae Elston was busting heads. And, hell, the Rebels even ran the football. Kyle Allen looked overmatched from the opening kick and the Landsharks looked to have found their swagger again.

Now it's time to head on over to the Plains and see if they can give the Gus Bus the final push off the side of the cliff and end their poor, wretched dumpster fire of a season. On this episode of Podcast Rebellion, the fellas and Gray look back at the Rebs' win over the Aggies and take a quick look ahead at the Auburn game that is next on Ole Miss' drive for Atlanta.

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  • Will Laquon Treadwell cut an Auburn defender in half with a block?
  • Did the Chad Kelly interceptions concern you at all?
  • How excited are you for the Austin Golson/Robert Nkemdiche matchup?
  • Can Dan Werner call plays from here on out?
  • How good is Laremy Tunsil?
  • Is Akeem Judd the answer for the Rebels in short yardage situations?