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Grovin' with the Cup: Amped up for the Ags

The rain held off for once as Texas A&M came into Oxford and the Rebs finally broke the visiting team's dominance of this series since the Aggies joined the SEC West, shutting down the Ags in a 23-3 Rebel victory.

Grove Cup is back and stronger than ever. A special guest on this week's feature is the Grove's biggest and boldest adhesive, the official Red Cup Rebellion sticker. There are plenty more stickers to go around but you gotta tweet @smeargleRCR for the next two home games in order to get your favorite flaming hot SPROTS takes blog's #brand on your swagtastic Grove outfit. Just use hashtag #GroveCup when you tweet at myself or @RedCupRebellion with your Grove drink of choice, stunning tent spread of delectable nomnoms and WEAR RED/NAVY outfit.


Not sure if this tailgate group is actually from Del Boca Vista or just huge Frank Costanza supporters, but the Seinfeld fan in me had to take a picture.

My personal tent's spread. From top to bottom, left to right: Newk's chicken salad in phyllo cups, apples with caramel dip, ham & swiss sammies, potato sliders, more sammies of some variation, bread bowl of sausage and cream cheese rotel, standard Rice Krispy treats, spooooky ghost nutter butters, Zaxby's, chipotle bacon pimiento cheese. Y'all jelly yet?

From the makers of last year's "Hey Cajuns, Omaha was great" for the ULL game, this tent's chalkboard custom continues its strong Grove game by celebrating Tunsil's return (and dominance) for the A&M game. Godspeed!

Chicken and Waffle cones. All day, err day please.

S/o to the Phi Mus for the best game day sign of the weekend.


If you thought Swag Kelly hadn't gone mainstream yet, then look no further. Who needs a "Chad Kelly for Heisman" bumper sticker when you can just rep his $w@g level on a handy dandy Grove button.

Look closely....she actually DOES have a right arm. And an RCR sticker. Oh and there's a guy in this picture too. He's cool I'm sure.


FotC @blakekirbyreb came by for a sticker and a chatted for a spell about life, love and libations.

#pootnoise = auto rec. Props to you @notwillscott

Here's the RCR sticker's journey's end. Below is how he got there.

Does the sticker easily peel off of your $20 tumbler? Probably not but #branding is more important.

Wuddup IPF.

I wish I had enough money to have passes to the south end zone Rebel club.

And to end our day of drunken debauchery, I leave y'all with this little nugget...

What got me here were a couple questions:

1. Where are your shoes?

2. How did you lose only ONE sock?

3. Were you making plans to get back into the Vaught? Thus holding onto the pompom? Or maybe it was his lucky pompom from Bama last year? Your guess is as good as mine.

4. Why are you getting arrested and no one is there to leave with you? Are your friends that shitty or just don't have any?

That's it for this week. There are only two more home games left so be sure to hit us up with your best pics and tweets in order to become Red Cup Rebellion famous. Go to hell FAuburn and we'll see y'all in the Grove for Arkansas.