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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Because rankings are easy

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
  1. LSU - The Tigers may just have an effective passing game after all. We'll know for sure in two weeks, when, both teams coming off byes, the Tigers take on the Crimson Tide. Getcha popcorn ready.
  2. Alabama - Alabama obviously isn't the monster to which everyone has become accustomed, but that may not be necessary this season in a wild, wild SEC.
  3. Florida - Florida's leading rushers averaged 1.7 and 1.5 yards per carry against LSU. That's probably not going to get it done.
  4. Mississippi State - Dak Prescott continues to play excellent football despite the assertions of many Ole Miss fans that he is simply a glorified fullback.
  5. Ole Miss - WOO, BITCHES! WOOO!
  6. Tennessee - The Vols will almost certainly finish the season 8-4 with games against the SEC's bottom three teams, Kentucky, and North Texas. In looking back at the schedule though, what will they have really accomplished? A seven point win over a bad Georgia team?
  7. Georgia - UGA's past three games: 28 point loss to Alabama, 7 point loss to Tennessee, 3 point win over Missouri. There's a decent chance this season is going to be really, really bad for a team that entered the season with very high hopes. What the hell, Georgia?
  8. Texas A&M - Kyle Allen's shoulder should apply for unemployment and food stamps, because it isn't working.
  9. Arkansas - I'd like to personally thank Arkansas (and Auburn for that matter) for making the decision of which school whose name starts with an A to rank ahead of the other. Keep being you, Arkansas.
  10. Auburn - Auburn's season is over, and they don't care anymore. Right, Auburn? Please?
  11. Kentucky - If Mark Stoops is smart, he'll just start preparing for the Vanderbilt game now. Forget about Tennessee and Georgia. If Kentucky beats Vanderbilt and UNC-Charlotte, it goes bowling.
  12. Vanderbilt - No matter what, this season has to feel a lot better. Looking at the Commodores' remaining schedule is pretty grim, but hey... they beat Missouri.
  13. Missouri - It's a shame that a defense as strong as Missouri's has to be paired with.... an offense as shitty as Missouri's.
  14. South Carolina - I know. South Carolina beat Vanderbilt. But... like.... ranking teams is hard. Leave me alone.