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Robert Nkemdiche not expected to play against Texas A&M

Hugh Freeze said his star defensive tackle woke up Saturday morning with headaches and probably won't play.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

A day after passing the last concussion protocol test, Robert Nkemdiche appears to be back on the shelf for the Texas A&M game. Hugh Freeze said in his pregame radio interview that the star Ole Miss defensive tackle woke up with headaches on Saturday and isn't expected to play.

Nkemdiche was questionable all week after banging his head on the turf and leaving the Memphis game. But news broke on Friday that he'd passed the final test and was cleared to play against the Aggies.

If he really is out, that's bad news for a defense that's already missing star defensive back Tony Conner. Like Conner, Nkemdiche is the kind of guy that can completely disrupt an offensive gameplan. Against an Aggie offense that has a ton of offensive weapons, the ability to break up plays in the backfield before the ball is distributed will be critical. Expect Breeland Speaks to play well in Nkemdiche's place like he did last week, but there's no replacing Big Rob.

The offense better be ready to put up some points.