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RCR Picks for Week 8 Believe in the Crimson Tide and Nittany Lions

PROTIP: Don't ever bet on sports.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Nothing makes sense any more. Ole Miss lost to Memphis and it sucked so bad that we couldn't even muster up the energy to write much about that or a pretty big SEC West matchup the Rebels have this week against the Texas A&M Aggies. No worries, however, because we've got terrible picks to make against the spread in a series of college football games that probably than fewer than half of us actually find interesting! That and, I dunno, the NFL or your fantasy team or something.

The Red Cup Rebellion dot com pick 'em standings after seven weeks are a lot like they were after six weeks, with everyone hovering not too far away from a .500 record. The average record on the year is a 25-24, with a standard deviation of just 2.06 correct picks. Here's what that looks like:

  1. Juco (29-20)
  2. Ghost and Borkey (27-22)
  3. Jeff (25-24)
  4. Smeargle, Berry, Whiskey Wednesday (24-25)
  5. Gray (23-26)

Look at ol' Jeff movin' on up! And look at ol' me, still somehow behind Juco. This is bullshit. I will overtake him with these surefire (they're not that) picks (they are that) for this week:

Berry has opted not to pick for this week, but rather leave the picks up to a random coworker. He wants to see if a football novice can correctly pick against the spread at a clip similar to his or, really, any of us. My guess is "yes, they can," because picking football games is really dumb. This website is also dumb. You're reading a dumb website.

That said, we're all fairly confident that Maryland is very bad, just as we're fairly confident that Alabama is very good. We are most excited, however, for Mizzou and Vanderbilt who have the lowest over/under of the season thus far at a mere 34.5, which is still something I'd be tempted to take the under on.