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Podcast Rebellion: Everything you need to know about Ole Miss vs. Texas A&M

In the fourth installment of "Everything you need to know about Ole Miss vs. ____ ", Borkberry dive into weird aura of the Texas A&M game, look at their own #analysis and make predictions with Good Bull Hunting's Rush Roberts.

We all know what happened last week. Let's not bring it up. But, hey, here comes another top 15 team in town just in time to put the final nail in the coffin of the 2015 season. Ole Miss is literally the Walking Dead with all the injuries, concussion protocols and offensive linemen. But, Texas A&M is coming off a skirmish of their own as they were pounded by the Alabama Crimson Tide last week and are going to be limping into the Vaught themselves. On this edition of "Everything you kneed to know about", Borkberry is joined by (Texas A&M's SB Nation site) Good Bull Hunting's Rush Roberts to discuss all the dumpster fire takes that are sure to perfectly describe the battle between the Rebels and Aggies this Saturday.

The jabronis will throw hands about who has more injuries, who for Ole Miss will try to cover the Aggies' receivers in space, the sexy matchup that is Myles Garrett vs Laremy Tunsil and what are some of Rush's favorite Aggie traditions.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Rush was gracious enough to provide us AND you with great insight and breaking down the game and does not deserve your shit for being an opposing team's fan. Be nice in the comments or you will get the hammer thrown down on you.