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Podcast Rebellion 1.42: Where the hell do we go from here?

You all know what happened. We don't know what to do either. But, Borkberry is here to try and figure it out.

Hoo boy. That was shitty. Where do the Rebels go from here? Memphis is a very good football team and they took it to the Ole Miss Rebels and did not let up. The injuries have piled up but there was never any doubt last weekend as the Fighting Fuentes wanted a W and they went and took it. Despite Ole Miss jumping out to a 14-0 lead and looking to set sail for a boat race, the Rebs were out-schemed, out-coached, out-classed at times and out-played.

All these questions will be answered by Borkberry and they will try to cheer you up. But, it might not work. Sorry :/

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  • Why is this happening in week seven?
  • Why are players looking like they're ready to turn their pads in and get ready for 2016?
  • Why is Hugh Freeze saying that the offense needs to throw more?
  • Why is Dan Werner saying that the offense needs to run more?
  • Why is the offensive line still clueless?
  • Why is Hugh Freeze trying to run power run plays with a 5'9, 165-pound running back?