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Ole Miss recruiting 2016: 4-star Octavious Cooley could not be stopped last week

The big man from Laurel, Miss. could not be covered last week and two other commits turn in big-time performances.

Student Sports

This year has been a lot of the same for Octavious Cooley: show up, show out, go home, repeat. The four-star tight end from Laurel, Miss. has been about as steady as can be for the Tornadoes and last week was no different. In a game against the Brookhaven (Miss.) Panthers that saw Laurel dominate to the tune of 62-14, Cooley ended his night with six catches for 132 yards and three touchdowns.

The big man from the 'Sip is a matchup nightmare for safeties and even linebackers as Cooley uses every bit of his 6'2, 235-pound frame to shield defenders away from the football and snag footballs like he's grabbing a cereal box off the top of the fridge. Even though he will more than likely be a tight end at the next level, Laurel utilizes Cooley's uncanny athleticism and splits him out wide. Because of his large frame, it is a bit of an optical illusion to see the Ole Miss commit move with ease through the secondary and the air in order to embarrass all comers. One of Mr. Cooley's touchdowns was downright filthy as he beats his defender off the line of scrimmage with an inside move and then just plucks the football out of the air like it's nothing.

Next game: Friday, October 23rd, 7:00 p.m. CT at South Jones (Miss.)

4-star D'Vaughn Pennamon, RB

Another week and more of the same from this four-star commit. D'Vaughn Pennamon put in work this past week as Manvel (Tex.) erased the Alvin (Tex.) Yellowjackets 73-7 on homecoming. Penman finished with 139 yards on only eight (yes, eight) carries. The 6'0, 199-pounder tacked on three touchdowns as well to add to his season total which is now up to nine. After a slow start to 2015, Pennamon is really starting to hit his stride as this was his third straight 100-yard game. In those three games, D'Vaughn is averaging 15.1 yards per carry. Now, I'm merely just a contributor to a web site about Ole Miss Sports, but 15 yards per carry is really damn good. Trust me, I checked.

Next game: Friday, October 23rd, 7:00 p.m. CT vs Sam Rayburn (Tex.)

4-star DeKaylin Metcalf, WR

Since we're on such a roll, why don't we keep the theme of "heating up" going, huh? This past week, the Oxford Monster turned in another solid performance as he obliterated the New Hope (Miss.) Trojan secondary. Metcalf made it look easy all night as the 6'3, 211-pound receiver hauled in six catches for 94 yards and two touchdowns. In his last four games, the Oxford High School star has eight touchdowns and 378 yards on only 21 catches. Once again, I'm not NFL scout, but that's pretty swell. It has been somewhat tough sledding for Metcalf with Oxford's run game being non-existent with the career-ending injury to Drew Bianco (Mr. Omaha's son) who was having a monster year himself. But, nevertheless, Metcalf is really starting to come into his own with quarterback and Tulane commit, Jack Abraham.

Next game: Friday, October 23rd, 7:00 p.m. CT vs Clarksdale (Miss.)