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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Ole Miss dropped... a lot.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama - The QBRs of the three players who attempted passes against Alabama this week: 6.4, 0.8, 3.8. That's out of 100. Sure, Alabama had their own problems passing, but that defense is playing really well now.
  2. LSU - Little by little LSU is relying more and more on Brandon Harris to make a couple of plays. Recently, he has been up to the task.
  3. Florida - The Gators decided to do everything in their power to stop Leonard Fournette. They kept him somewhat in check, but their own 1.8 yards per carry ultimately led to their demise.
  4. Mississippi State - Mississippi State is rolling along, playing winning football. Still, how is it that a team with Dak Prescott at quarterback continues to struggle so much when they try to run? 3.1 yards per carry against Louisiana Tech? That's almost as bad as the Ole Miss running game.... just kidding it's not.
  5. Texas A&M - A&M ran into the Alabama buzzsaw and may have lost Kyle Allen. Don't worry though, Aggies. You face the Ole Miss secondary this week. Kyler Murray will look incredible.
  6. Tennessee - Joshua Dobbs and the Volunteers had an extra week to prepare for this Saturday's matchup against Alabama. I wonder how it will go. Probably not well.
  7. Georgia - Oh, Georgia... how do you struggle so much in the SEC East? Your state is full of future NFL players every year. Pay them or something.
  8. Auburn - The Tigers held on to beat Kentucky despite a furious comeback attempt. Sean White looked kind of meh, which, for Auburn, is a godsend.
  9. Arkansas - This week's Auburn vs. Arkansas matchup should be a good one. If nothing else, it will make the power poll ballot easier for a lot of bloggers.
  10. Kentucky - Patrick Towles is a very good quarterback. If only Kentucky had successfully built around him. They still have time, but in college football, by the time players are showing out, it's almost too late.
  11. Missouri - Missouri is just going to have to recruit their way up. That hasn't been easy so far for Gary Pinkel.
  12. South Carolina - Congrats, Gamecocks. You beat Vanderbilt. Don't let it get to your head. Trust me.
  13. Ole Miss - Ole Miss, a team full of four and five star players, lost to Memphis. Wow. So. Much. Bourbon.
  14. Vanderbilt - I thought Vanderbilt was pretty good when they almost beat Ole Miss. Nope. They're just bad. Never mind.