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RCR Picks for Week 7 is as Chaotic as Football Itself

#Chaos was in full swing last weekend. It probably will be this weekend too.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

If you need any evidence that none of us have any idea what the hell is going on in college football, look at how we were way wrong about the Red River Shootout last week. It is rare when all eight of this meaningless contest's participants agree on something, but last week we agreed that Oklahoma would win and cover the spread against Texas in their annual rivalry game. They ended up losing by a lot. This is your reminder that real life isn't an easily manipulated EA Sports game. Real life isn't predictable and sports, being that they exist in this coil, are is not something to bet money on. If you are going to do that, you certainly shouldn't take our advice in doing so. Ever.

The Red Cup Rebellion picking-against-the-spread contest for bad writers on the internet (RCRPATSCfBWotI) standings after six weeks are:

  1. Juco - 25-17
  2. Ghost, Borkey, and Smeargle - 24 -18
  3. Gray, Whiskey, Jeff - 21-21
  4. Berry - 20-22

When picking against the spread, anything over .500 should be considered pretty good, and hitting right at .500 is good enough. Below that though, and you're Zach Berry. SMH, Berry.

Here's what we're picking this week:

We're just as mixed up as ever this week, which should mean some interesting moves in the season standings. Some of the more interesting lines are Auburn as a mere one-point favorite in Lexington, Iowa with a slight edge on Northwestern, Alabama only being a field goal favorite over the Aggies, and Baylor, a team that hasn't yet played a anyone with a defense worth a shit, being favored by three scores over a West Virginia team whose defense is fairly good.

Oh, and Ole Miss is now a 10.5-point favorite over Memphis. What's your pick there?