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SEC Power Poll Ballot: This week will see a battle of the worst: Vandy vs. South Carolina

That's not good.
That's not good.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Alabama - Hey, Alabama.... you play Texas A&M this week. Think you could body blow 'em on up for next weeks Aggies-Rebels matchup? kthanxbai
  2. LSU - If there's a negative to gather from LSU's destruction of South Carolina, it's that Leonard Fournette averaged 3.55 yards on 19 carries and 87 on one carry. If South Carolina figured out a way to slow Fournette down, LSU could have trouble against better opponents.
  3. Florida - Who knew that Florida's defense would become excellent AFTER Will Muschamp coached there? [EDIT: So... um.... Will Grier took PEDs? I can haz my loss gone? No? Ok. :(]
  4. Texas A&M - The Aggies look really good five weeks in. Their next two games, against Alabama and Ole Miss, will define their season, though.
  5. Ole Miss - Here's hoping the assorted combinations of jorts and crocs Ole Miss will see in Memphis this Saturday don't give PTSD flashbacks of a week ago in Gainesville. No one deserves to have to live through that twice. No one.
  6. Mississippi State - At some point the running game woes have to become a real concern for Mississippi State, right? 3.8 yards per carry against 1-4 Troy?
  7. Tennessee - After watching Joshua Dobbs dismantle Georgia, I can't help but wonder where he's been all year. Dobbs is on pace to pass for 2,200 yards in the regular season. What the hell?
  8. Georgia - As successful as Mark Richt has been, what is his legacy at Georgia? Close but no cigar?
  9. Arkansas - ESPN's QBR statistic gave Brandon Allen a 13.4 out of 100 for his performance against Alabama. The Razorbacks rushed for 1.8 yards per carry. What... what is their identity right now? Milk the clock all game and hope your opponent doesn't score much?
  10. Kentucky - Kentucky is continuing to improve from year to year. I just wonder if they get restless if the Wildcats are unable to capitalize off of a strange SEC East.
  11. Missouri - YEAH! YEAH, MISSOURI! WELCOME TO THE SEC! Sorry... I've just been wanting to say that for four years and didn't think it prudent when the Tigers lost a billion starters to injury in year one.
  12. Auburn - As of 1 PM Monday, Gus Malzahn could not decide on a quarterback moving forward. Auburn has played five games this year. Maybe, just maybe, they aren't going to get it all together and annihilate folks in November and December. I'm still not sure.
  13. Vanderbilt - Vandy faces South Carolina this week. Compelling television alert!
  14. South Carolina - South Carolina is so bad that lazy fans and sports writers now view LSU as a complete team.