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Greg Hardy made an awful music video while he was suspended for a domestic abuse arrest

While Hardy was serving an NFL suspension for allegedly throwing a woman on a pile of guns, he decided it was a good idea to make a video with gunshot sound effects. Yea, really.

Here are things you should not do after being convicted of beating up your girlfriend and throwing her on a pile of assault rifles:

  • Make a music video with machine gun sound effects in it.
  • Make a music video in which the guy you're rapping with uses the line "Stop it, don't copy, my shotty will murk."
  • Make a music video with girls waving their asses with dollar bills stuffed into their g-string.

But Greg Hardy, who's set to return to NFL action for the first time since a domestic violence arrest last spring, did all of those things in a music video he shot with rapper Ja Alan (can we talk about whether this guy is actually Rob Dyrdek?). And according to TMZ (follow that link to watch the video), it was shot in late 2014, while the current Dallas Cowboy and former Ole Miss Rebel was in the middle of his NFL suspension.

Look, Hardy is not the first person to make a rap video with guns and scantily-clad women and I'm not gonna make sweeping moral condemnations because of it (and keep in mind, the charges were eventually dropped after his girlfriend refused to testify against him). But damn, how out of touch do you have to be to go do something like this in the middle of your domestic abuse suspension, guilty or not? Hardy has always been a strange bird seemingly impervious to the constraints of reality, but this is a whole new level.

And this comes from a guy who made tasteless comments about Tom Brady's wife and told the media he's going to come out "guns blazing" against the Patriots this weekend.