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Ole Miss is going to pummel New Mexico State, who is horrifically bad at football (plus OPEN THREAD)

NMSU is reeeeeeeally bad. Like, offered-$5-million-to-stay-in-the-Sun-Belt-and-got-rejected bad.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Just how bad at playing the sport of football are the New Mexico State Aggies, Ole Miss' opponent on Saturday (11 a.m. CT on SEC Network)?

  • NMSU is 0-4 this season, including losses to Georgia State (F/+ rank of 121), UTEP (128) and New Mexico (111).
  • Dating back to last season, they've lost 14 games in a row.
  • Since 2009, they're a combined 14-64 and haven't had more than four wins in any one season.
  • They're 108th in the F/+ rankings, and that's only with a 15-spot jump since last week.
  • They're 107th in offensive S&P and 116th in defensive S&P.
  • There's a very good chance they'll be kicked out of their conference by season's end. They offered the Sun Belt $5 million to become full-fledged members (they're currently associate members only competing in football) and the Sun Belt was like "lol nope."
  • They got blown out by Florida in the Swamp (well, that one's completely reasonable and not at all an indicator of a bad team, right?).

So yea, this is basically the best possible opponent for an Ole Miss team in need of a hapless punching bag on which to take out some frustration. Even with Tony Conner, Laremy Tunsil, C.J. Johnson, Damore'ea Stringfellow, Justin Bell, Robert Conyers and Javon Patterson sidelined (good lord that's a depressing list), I'm expecting the Rebs to cover the 45-point spread.

Treat this as your open thread. Tell us where you're watching and what beverage you've convinced yourself is OK to drink before noon.