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Podcast Rebellion: Everything you need to know about Ole Miss vs. Florida

In the second installment of "Everything you need to know about Ole Miss vs. ____ ", Borkberry dive into the X's and O's of the Florida game, look at their own #analysis and make predictions with Alligator Army's Andy Hutchins.

Week four has come and gone and the Ole Miss Rebels are sitting 4-0 and No. 3 in the country. Now, the fellas head down to Gainesville, Fla. to try and take a stand once again and keep the train rolling. On this edition of "Everything you kneed to know about", Borkberry is joined by (Florida's SB Nation site) Alligator Army's Andy Hutchins to discuss all the ins and outs you are dying for at the end of your work week before Saturday.

The fellas will tangle over the airwaves about VH3 vs Megaquon, the Swamp's atmosphere, Jim McElwain and who has the advantage in the trenches. Andy was also kind of enough to give us some insight into the night life of the metropolis that is Gainesville.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Andy was gracious enough to provide us AND you with great insight and breaking down the game and does not deserve your shit for being an opposing team's fan. Be nice in the comments or you will get the hammer thrown down on you.