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RCR Picks for Week Five is All-in on the Irish, Likes the Bees, and Can't Make Sense of Alabama and Georgia

There's an excellent weekend of football ahead! Please don't take our picks seriously!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This week's RCR picks is getting you primed for a damn solid Saturday of college football. We are looking at a really, really good West Virginia team traveling to Norman to take on the Sooners, an Arkansas and Tennessee game that will a Schadenfreudefest regardless of the outcome, a Texas A&M and Mississippi State game that should answer a lot of questions about both teams, and a pillowfight in the bottom of the SEC east. We'll be glued to the television from noon to midnight looking to make a fortune on our surefire gambling advice we are offering to you for completely free watch football and nothing else this is not a gambling story please do not take it as such this is just us guessing and bragging about it oh gosh you're pouring your money down a drain now aren't you?

Speaking of our season-long contest as to who can be the least wrong. The good news is that Zach Berry's no longer in first place. The better news is that I'm now in first place. The bad, worse, and worst news is that I have to share that spot with Michael Borkey and Juco All-American, the former having gone a perfect 7-0 last weekend in his against the spread picks.

Damn you, Borkey.

Here are the standings after week four, which sees a significant narrowing of the gap between first and last:

  1. Ghost, Borkey, and Juco: 18-10
  2. Gray, Smeargle, Berry: 17-11
  3. Catfish Jeff and Whiskey Wednesday: 15-13
Using this week's opening odds provided to us by SB Nation's OddsShark portal, here are our picks against the spread for week five:

If not the best one yet, this is easily the best week of college football in 2015 since kickoff weekend. Alabama and Georgia are the highlight of the week, with interesting matchups coming with Notre Dame hoping to avoid the spoiler against a pretty good Clemson team and South Carolina fumbling and punting their way to a 12-8 outcome over Mizzou. Not to mention our Ole Miss Rebels are hoping to escape the Swamp and maintain their foothold atop the SEC West, just as I look to knock Borkey and Juco off of this platform that we so frustratingly have to share right now.