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Chad Kelly's court date is Monday

Depending on how the hearing goes, Hugh Freeze will decide if his new quarterback transfer will play for Ole Miss next season.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The fate of Swaggy C may soon be determined. Chad Kelly, the highly-touted and equally troublesome Ole Miss quarterback signee, has a preliminary hearing on Monday. After that, Hugh Freeze could decide whether he stays on the team.

UPDATE: Per Parrish Alford,

Not much typically happens at an initial appearance such as this. Kelly could be asked to enter a plea or this could be about scheduling another hearing.

Unless something unusual happens in the court appearance I don't think the incident will keep Kelly from Ole Miss. A lot of things still playing out here.

We're not sure exactly when Freeze will make his decision, but he said in Atlanta last week he's waiting until after the court date.

"It's like I tell him everyday when he's calling and texting me, 'I'll deal with you when I get ready to deal with you,'" Freeze told "That will be after I gather everything and see what the court date on Jan. 5 and what happens with that.

"When you're dealing with a kid's future, everybody has their opinion and none of the opinions matter other than what's best for the program first and kid second. For me to do anything but wait for all the facts and truth, because everything out there isn't accurate. I want to deal with what is exactly accurate. That's fair to any individual you're dealing with."

Kelly faces a laundry list of misdemeanor charges stemming from a bar fight in Buffalo, N.Y. on Dec. 21, just four days after he signed with the Rebs out of community college. The police report claims he fought with bouncers, threatened to "spray this place" with an AK-47 and scuffled with cops trying to arrest him.

He's charged with third-degree assault, second-degree harassment, second-degree menacing, resisting arrest, fourth-degree criminal mischief and second-degree obstructing governmental administration.

Kelly's lawyer has claimed that the bouncers started the fight, that Kelly was just defending himself and that he never yelled the line about the AK. The evidence for such is a cell phone video that shows one of the bouncers throwing the first punch -- though, the fact that Kelly is already bleeding in the video suggests that it wasn't actually the beginning of the fight.

Kelly's just eight months removed from getting booted from Clemson for arguing with coaches, so he was on a short leash to begin with.