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Trae Elston, Damore'ea Stringfellow arrested in Oxford

Well this isn't good.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Fire up the chat room hot takes, Ole Miss players are in legal trouble. Safety Trae Elston and wide receiver Damore'ea Stringfellow were arrested in Oxford just past midnight on Thursday, according to Hugh Kellenberger. Both were slapped with a charge of disorderly conduct and Elston was also charged with resisting arrest.

As of yet, there haven't been any details released as to the nature of the incident. I spent enough time on the Square to know that it doesn't take much to land a disorderly from the often overzealous OPD. At the same time, brushing this off as the police just being assholes is just as speculative. We'll have to wait for more info before we start deciding how seriously these charges should be taken.

UPDATE: Word on the street is that the two players were involved in a massive brawl at The Library bar. We can confirm that there was in fact a fight, but we're not sure how it started or whether Elston and Stringfellow were involved.

Elston, who is expected to a be a linchpin in the Rebel secondary next season with All-American Cody Prewitt departing, has the more serious charge, but it might actually be Stringfellow who's in hotter water. The wideout, who sat out the 2014 season after transferring from Washington over the summer, was investigated by Seattle police last year for his role in a fight. That led to an indefinite suspension from the Huskies and his decision to transfer.

This isn't exactly ideal timing for Hugh Freeze and his staff as they close in on National Signing Day, but the chances of this having an effect on recruiting are slim to none. College kids get arrested for doing dumb stuff. It happens.