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Crootin' With Clancey: Dead Period Addition

Clancey's back from the dead...period with all your hot steak and crootin tidbits!

Hello, crootniks! It’s grate to be back with ya’ll again for an other addition of Crootin’ With Clancey! Well, friends, the dade period just ended, and coach’s are back out on the road, meeting with croots, saling there pograms, and wooing those mamas. I’ve got all the tids that are fit to bit down below, so if you’ve got a fever, take my perscription!

  • Don’t be surprised if five star offansive lineman Targor Parsnip comes in for an official visit for the big crootin’ weekend on the 23rd. Coaches love his atheletecism and think he could be the next big thing. I’ve seen him in parson...he’s already a big thing!
  • Hereing lots of crumblings that safety Jarro Greenlief might decomment from State. Not going to call for a flip yet, crootniks, but irregardless, lets just say Ole Miss feels like its running in the cat beard cleat for this one!
  • In the mist of the dade period, coaches really felt disconnacted from Ole Miss comitt Franklin Wearminger. I’m told that Coach Hugh Freeze was standing beside Franklin’s bed when he wock up Thursday, the first day after the dade period ended. That kind of dedication sure goes a long weigh with a young man like Franklin! Sometimes, you just have to trust that our coaches know the core. I expect Frnaklin to sign with Ole Miss.
  • Lots of questions were circleing after Corey Batoon was prompted to the open defensive coaching position on the staff. Cuold he croot? Did he know the clay of the band? Would he be able to real in the bag fish? Well, crootniks, I think that questions has been an sored! Batoon was on the road yesterdey, and between you me and the hall, he sure did empress some croots with his knowledge of the defense and his attention to retail. I won’t go so hard as to say hes an upgrayed from Tom Allen – Tom was a very good crooter! – but I don’t except that position to fall of at all.
  • Fine allie, on a personable note, I want to thank all of you crootniks for supporting me during the last two years. Its been a long road to recovry, but I’m happy to said that I am fully rehabituated from my prior indiscresions. They say you get bye with a little help from your friends, and boy is that truth! I don’t want to get into all the detales, so ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no-flies, but it’s been a long rode to show! Rome wasn’t built like a brick-you-know-what-house, friends, and I’m just glad to be back. Keep on star grazing!