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Ole Misc.: Rebel baseball ranked No. 18 (and some basketball happened)

Rebel Hoopsyball has new life just in time for everyone to start looking out toward right field. Sounds about right.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Remember that part in your favorite hour-long network drama where a character shows up totally unexpectedly but also very predictably? Stefan Moody and Ole Misc. are your huckleberries. Pay no attention to that creeping suspicion that the producers are going to kill us off sometime in early March. Because there is zero truth to those conspiracy theories that Mike Slive is in a bunker somewhere executing a secret plan to turn #SECbasketballfever from an incendiary Internet thing into words that Verne-ilstitkin spins into television gold.

Anyway, Ole Miss beat Arkansas in Fayetteville this weekend. There's a joke about the SEC West being overrated in there somewhere, but I'm just not that into it right now.


The nice folks at have a new website at which they have released their preseason rankings.  Ole Miss comes in at No. 18 behind SEC colleagues No. 1 Vanderbilt, No. 2 Florida, No. 5 South Carolina, No. 9 LSU, and No. 17 Texas A&M. The weekend of March 20th is marked on the good Rebel's calendar when Florida visits Swayze Field.


I understand that it's been a long time since you non-Saints fans have had a legitimate rooting interest in professional football. I'm with you. I ride or die with Eli, Willis, and basically anybody that ever wore red and blue (though Mike Wallace is still earning my trust). So, I don't care how many organic farm-raised omelets you ate with your aunts in Seattle - you will look Russell Wilson in his aggressively piercing eyes and pull for Brandon Bolden. Theses are the rules.