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The Cup lands some new croots

We've added three new writers. Don't be too mean to them.

I told y'all last month that with the management transition would come a few new writers. After an exhaustive search a few emails, we've added three new croots to the team. The rest of the gang's still here (except for Ghost. If anyone has seen or heard from The Ghost of Jay Cutler, tell him his friends are concerned), but the new fellas should help disperse the workload around here and let us crank out a little more content.

A couple of these guys have been around for a while under aliases. Y'all feel free to ask 'em questions in the comment section (favorite bourbon, how much they weigh, do they like the Beacon and, most importantly, mustard or ketchup on a hot dog).

I'll let them introduce themselves.

Zach Berry

Hello, Cup faithful, my name is Zach Berry. I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, so you can ask me about BBQ and rap music. Somehow graduated from Ole Miss in 2010 and now reside in Nashville. I've lived in NYC and Chicago and have come to the conclusion that wherever you go, someone wherever you are knows about the Grove.

Looking forward to adding my own hot takes to Ole Miss athletics. Hope you enjoy. If not, the hell with ya.

Michael Borkey

My name is Michael Borkey. I grew up in Greeenville, South Carolina and went to the same high school that Kevin Garnett got *sort of* got kicked out of. Being from the Upstate I have developed a deep-seeded hatred for Clemson fans. I mean I really f***ing hate Clemson fans.

Other than that, I'm a new found craft beer nerd and there isn't a Dirty Guv'nahs song I don't like. After I finished up studying journalism at Ole Miss this past summer I stayed right here in Mississippi to work for a radio broadcasting company.

Thank y'all for the opportunity, looking forward to it.

Jim Lohmar

I grew up in Atlanta and attended Ole Miss from 2002 to 2004 before finishing my undergraduate at Georgia in 2006. I ran cross-country and track for both athletic departments, which allowed me to tour every SEC school's golf course. I also shook Eli Manning's sweaty hand once. In a surprise turn of events, I attended Florida through the Urban Meyer years and earned my Doctorate in Latin and Greek literature in 2013. When I'm not busy chasing down PFT Commenter, I teach undergrads at the College of Charleston and hike the Appalachian Trail. I tweet about sports and media and sports media at @jimlohmar, or you can email me at