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The Ole Miss vs. Arkansas basketball drinking game

Just think of this as your Saturday night pregame.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago, we put together a little drinking game for Ole Miss-Kentucky, the thought being that the Rebs would get run out of the building and we'd all need to be liquored up to get through it. We're doing it again for the Arkansas game on Saturday night, but with a bit of a different aim.

After Ole Miss took Kentucky to overtime and manhandled South Carolina, we found out that this is a relatively competent group. Sure, they lost to LSU at home this week, but it was a competitive game against a team that might be one of the most underrated clubs in the country. With Stefan Moody emerging as a star, there's reason to think Ole Miss can win on any given night, even on the road against a 19th-ranked Razorback team.

That said, the last time Ole Miss hoops went to Fayetteville, they lost by 30 (no, I didn't get that mixed up with football season. Arkansas won 110-80 last March), so we may end up needing to drink away our sorrows after all.

The game airs on ESPNU at 8:30 p.m. CT on Saturday and you can tune in online at

[Don't get drunk and do anything stupid, like drive. Our lawyas told us to say that.]

The Rules

1. Just before tip off, when they typically show the announcers discussing the game, take a shot.

Do this because ESPN sucks and they're announcing the game from Bristol, Conn. Also, it's 8:30 on a Saturday night and you're not playing this drinking game to stay sober.

2. If the hogs are called or a hog hat is shown, drink.

I remember the crowd calling the hogs during the opening of the Clinton presidential library ... in front of the international media. It was humiliating.

3. If Marshall Henderson is mentioned, drink 3 times.

Because Marshall always goes for three, bruh.

4. If Arkansas' road troubles are mentioned, drink.

Over the past seven seasons, the Razorbacks are a stupefying 12-46 on the road in SEC play. Too bad this isn't at the Tad Pad.

5. If Arkansas gets a steal, drink.

The Hogs lead the SEC with close to nine steals per game. Ole Miss averages 12.6 turnovers per game.

6. If Ole Miss' Dwight Coleby or Arkansas' Bobby Portis gets a rebound, drink.

Portis is third in the conference in boards. Coleby has looked good off the bench lately and pulled down eight rebounds against LSU on Tuesday.

7. If Andy Kennedy makes this face, drink.

ak face 3

8. If Stefan Moody and former Arkansas guard Courtney Fortson are compared, finish your drink.

They're both short, have long dreads and can shoot threes. It's the perfect concoction for a lazy ESPN comparison.

9. Any time the game is tied in the second half, drink.

Things could get ugly if this is close.

10. If Houston Nutt is mentioned, finish your drink and do a shot.