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RCR Mailbag: Dead Period Edition!

We're not sports experts, but you know what would be fun? If you guys asked us a bunch of questions on Twitter under the assumption that we are. Here are the answers to those questions...

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Whiskey Wednesday: One for each NIT appearance?

The Ghost of Jay Cutler: One for each centimeter of padding used in the shoulders.

WW: It certainly sucks to see other schools making splashy hires (and holding staff accountable for problem areas on-field), but I’m sort-of coming to grips with retaining Matt Luke and promoting Corey Batoon. It looks as though we’re building a stellar OL class in recruiting, and we saw how losing Tom Allen really threw a wrench in our defensive recruiting… can’t hardly afford to have that happen to the OL guys. As for Batoon, if Freeze says he’s a defensive genius, and Womack says he’s his right-hand guy, I guess we have to take them at their word.

WW: Unfortunately, we’ve seen exactly as much of Doss running the Ole Miss offense as you have: none. We can only infer. What I’m inferring is that he hasn’t shown enough to be a contender. Another (more homerish) possibility is that coaches don’t generally want to spout off about how good redshirted/backup players might be, because it could have some effect on recruiting for that position. You can also look back at interviews with Doss’ high school coach, who intimates that Doss could be "an NFL safety." Asking a young QB to change positions is undoubtedly a delicate conversation, but we’ll see if Freeze tries it.

Ghost: He’s either changing positions or leaving, which sucks, but it happens.

WW: Wow, that could use some clarification. We talking fanbases, football programs? I’ll just go off of gut feelings. F LSU. I mean… F those guys anyways, but if we’re trying to get laid here, LSU is the most fun. You know it. M Bama, pretty much by default, because if you put me in a room with a gun and two bullets between the three, I’d shoot Auburn twice.

Ghost: LSU is definitely a relationship attached to which you don’t want any strings, so F. Marrying Auburn means lots of boring after-church bullshit like drinking punch and gossipping, so I guess I’m going to have to get hitched to Bama by default. So I agree with Whiskey Wednesday here, but I’m not happy about it.

WW: Cody Prewitt and Senquez Golson will be drafted, almost for sure. They seem like guys who could rise or fall a lot (there’s a hot sports take for you) depending on how the next couple of months go. I think that’s it; Will Redmond’s cheap ass might have cost Vince Sanders an outside shot at being a late-rounder. Bryon Bennett, Serderius Bryant, or even Lavon Hooks might be free agent acquisitions. It’s pretty exciting that we had a great team for the most part, and don’t lose much…

Ghost: Senquez is a second or third round guy, Prewitt’s a later-round guy, but outside of that we’ll see a handful of guys take free agent deals and, yeah, that’s pretty much it. This team returns a lot of talent for 2015, which is crazy exciting.