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Ole Misc.: Where Do Our Fan Priorities Lie?

I think we all know the answer to this, deep down inside.

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Sad Vandy bros are sad.
Sad Vandy bros are sad.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

RobRob9 asks an interesting question in a FanPost (with a poll! so go vote!), which he phrases as "Would you trade a terrible football season for a National Championship in baseball?"

Of course the answer to that question is always "yes" because it's not a fair trade. "Here's something that sucks for something that doesn't suck!" It's a hell of a deal. But what I feel the question is really asking is can a winning baseball program cause you to overlook or otherwise accept a losing football program. For me, the answer is most definitely no.

For starters, I just like football more than I like baseball. I like both, but football is definitely my preferred sport, and it's not particularly close. I invest a lot of time, money, and emotions into my Ole Miss football fandom, meaning that when Ole Miss performs poorly on the gridiron it means more to me than Ole Miss' successes on the diamond.

And regarding college football in a general sense, it's just simply a more important sport from a cultural standpoint than college baseball. Saying "my team won the College World Series" simply doesn't register the way that "my team won the Sugar Bowl" does. I'm one who wants to share the things I care about with others (hence this here blog), and have a harder time doing that with baseball simply because it doesn't have the fans and viewership football does.

So, for those reasons, a championship in baseball cannot make me overcome the agony of a losing football season.

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And finally, a quote to keep the day's good vibes rolling:

'Croots beget 'croots, y'all.