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Red Cup Rebellion's Week 2 SEC Power Poll Ballot

Who have we ranked too high? Too low?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

As always, this ballot is a work in progress. Let us know where you think teams should be before midnight tonight when we submit our ballot ot Team Speed Kills.

  1. Georgia Bulldogs - This one was tough, only because Georgia had a bye. Did they deserve to be jumped by teams playing cupcakes, just because they didn't play at all? Obviously, I voted no on that. Their win over Clemson is still impressive, even after two weeks.
  2. Texas A&M Aggies - When I hear "Lamar," I think of an old man from the Delta who my family used to go deer hunting with. Y'all beat him up, and that's not right.
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide - Alabama's quarterback controversy is probably meaningless overall. They'll win on the back of a stifling run defense, physical receivers, and gigantic tailbacks - so basically they'll do what Nick Saban has always done.
  4. Auburn Tigers - Auburn's defense might cost them a few SEC contests.
  5. LSU Tigers - This is a team which basically has the positives and negatives of Alabama, but more extreme.
  6. Ole Miss Rebels - With a better offensive line, this team would be a legitimate contender, if only for how well the defense plays.
  7. Missouri Tigers - Maty Mauk looked downright great against a plucky Toledo team.
  8. Florida Gators - Hey, uh, wow. I bet y'all'd like that Idaho game back, huh?
  9. Mississippi State Bulldogs - You can't call your defense the "Psycho Defense" (what are y'all, seven years old or something?) and then give up 550-ish yards to a CUSA team. Or maybe by "psycho" y'all meant a person who literally suffers from a psychosis.
  10. South Carolina Gamecocks - ECU is a good team, and that was the general consensus heading into this game, but even then the Cocks haven't proven much over the past two weeks.
  11. Tennessee Volunteers - Wasn't as impressive in week two as they were in week one, but then again I'm not sure Utah State and Arkansas State are comparable right now.
  12. Arkansas Razorbacks - Well beating the hell out of cupcakes isn't something Arkansas did last year so, hey, improvements!
  13. Kentucky Wildcats - Kentucky beat a MAC team, something half of the B1G couldn't seem to do this past weekend. Good on y'all, Kentucky.
  14. Vanderbilt Commodores - Looking at their schedule, I see a kinda-sorta-maybe win over UMass and Old Dominion on the horizon. Chin up, 'Dores!