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Vanderbilt Fan Disrobes in Anger, Entertains Visiting Ole Miss Fans

He's seen enough!

Yesterday, as the No. 15 Ole Miss Rebels were sealing a victory over the suddenly hapless Vanderbilt Commodores, one Vandy fan had seen enough losing and staged a bit of a protest.

The man, who is clearly slipping very quickly into the "post downfall fan apathy" stage of grief (it's somewhere between "anger" and "accepting"), didn't find much in the way of commiseration.

We raise our cups to the Ole Miss bro in the ill-fitting visor, who offered an incredibly snarky standing ovation for the shirt and cap tosser. He doesn't feel bad for you, Vandy fan; he still remembers this.

Of course, there's also the guy who just needed to have a memento from the 41-3 victory, and knew that any old run-of-the-mill signed Rebel paraphernalia just wouldn't capture the event as well as a ratty Commodores shirt now dripping with schadenfreude.