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#RCRMailbag Compares David Huertas to a Fish, Talks about Recruiting, Guesses about Field Goals

You ask us questions on twitter via the #RCRMailbag hashtag. We answer them.

Kevin C. Cox

Ghost: Probably the former, with a smattering of the latter. I know it's something that bugs the shit out of Ole Miss fans, but every time he's gone for it on fourth down there has been a strategic reason for doing so. Whether it be regarding field position, time on the clock, or the score of the game at that point, his fourth down decisions have always made some sense.

That said, it wouldn't shock me if he doesn't think Fletcher or PappaNasty are capable of more difficult field goals. I have no reason to think they aren't, but the coaches should have a grasp on what their abilities are at this point. If they're not particularly likely to make a field goal from a certain distance and at a certain hash mark, and if we're looking at a convertible fourth down (4th and 1, for example), then his decision to go makes sense.

Whiskey: The former. I think he thrives on probabilities (which he should), which would pretty much have you go for it on 4th and less than 2 from closer than half field, every time. Our OL might just suck too badly for that, though.

Ghost: Win every game but State, duh. If you win 11 games in the SEC, then you're probably in contention for an SEC Championship Game spot as well as a spot in the new College Football Playoff. I suppose the same could be said for a 10-2 SEC team, given the context of the season, but 11 wins is better than 10 regardless of who those wins come against.

Juco: This is pretty obvious to me. I'd much rather go 11-1 with a loss to State than 10-2 with a win over them. As Ghost mentioned, then we're almost certainly going to Atlanta (surely State isn't), and then anything can happen. Yeah. No contest. Anyone saying otherwise needs to re-evaluate things.

Smeargle: 11-1 of course because we aren't like MSU fans in which the success of our season is determined by the result of one game. I mentioned this to Ghost, but after receiving my season tickets (pictured here), I wish I had the time and resources to photoshop State's tickets to just have past 4 of 5 Egg Bowl highlights on them, e.g., 2nd quarter, Egg Bowl 2014. Bo Wallace throws his 2nd intercept of the game to Justin Cox, Coach Bucky gets angry on the sideline. State fans can frame it and remember when they beat Southern Miss or something.

Whiskey: Get to Atlanta. State fans can mock us from their couches in Pearl, MS.

Ghost: It would have to be David Huertas, because David Kellum probably doesn't know the difference between Puerto Rico and Chile.

Whiskey: Sebastian Saiz, I guess. Kellum is not that clever though.

Smeargle: Robert Nkemdiche because he was the biggest "fish" Freeze ever caught and he's thick, salty and delicious.

Ghost: At that point in 2011, we knew we were going to suck, and that game was the second-to-last nail in Houston Nutt's coffin (Kentucky was the final nail, if I recall). A loss on Saturday would hurt a lot more because it would be Hugh Freeze losing to a team his team should beat by double-digits, something he hasn't done yet since he got here.

Juco: Probably. That 2011 team was donezo already. A loss to this Vandy team would signal terrible, terrible things on the horizon. This just can't be a very close game. It can't.

Smeargle:  I just looked at the box score of the 2011 game. Zack Stoudt threw 5 interceptions. FIVE PICKS Y'ALL. Although I'm sure if Bo throws even one against Vanderbilt, the majority of our fanbase will demand he be yanked and that Kincade cut his luscious blonde locks with a switchblade.

Whiskey: What a depressing question. Yuck.

Ghost: Hey Dave, you know the rules, you need to use the Hashtag or we won't ans--

Ghost:-- oh, very well then. Look, I have no idea where this class ends up come National Signing Day. There are just way too many variables to guess on to even come close to making an accurate prediction of any sort. That said, there are a lot of players in this class to get excited about, such as Jason Pellerin, Armani Linton, and Eric Swinney. The staff is also really high on guys like Drew Richmond, Javon Patterson, and Leo Lewis, who could turn a good class into a great one.

In the end, your guess is as good as mine, and the best advice I can give you with regards to following Ole Miss recruiting is just to let it play out.