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Red Cup Radio Fights Through a Sinus Infection to talk Vanderbilt

In sickness and in health, Red Cup Radio is here for you.

Whiskey Wednesday, One Man to Beat, and I spent a good chunk of our Wednesday evening talking college football for Red Cup Radio, which we will now share with you. Bear with us as my inability to speak or really even hear (sinuses, yay) tempered the show's tone and probably slowed the whole thing down a bit. Or listen along and make fun of us for sounding so dumb. Either works.

This week, we give our initial impressions of the win over Boise State, talk about our expectations heading into the Vanderbilt game, and pick our winners of some of the weekend's more intriguing matchups.

Give the show a listen by clicking the widget below or clicking here for the mp3 (that's for you, mobile users). As always, this show is broadcast on Rebel Sports Radio, which can be listened to via their app or online via the links provided on their Twitter feed, @RebelSportRadio.