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Red Cup Rebellion's Week 5 SEC Power Poll Ballot

Where do the Rebs stack up in the Southeastern Conference.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

You know the refrain by now. This is hard, there's a lot of parity, we haven't played enough games, etc. That said, here goes.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide - Let's put them at No. 1 this week to set up for a MaSsIvE uPsEt! (Right guys?)
  2. Auburn Tigers - We'll learn a lot about Auburn and LSU this weekend.
  3. Texas A&M Aggies - Their defense is worrisome... Or maybe Arkansas' offense is better than we all thought? Or maybe it's both? See, I told y'all this is hard.
  4. Mississippi State Bulldogs - I'm predicting a shootout in Starkville this weekend.
  6. Arkansas Razorbacks - The most dangerous spoiler team in all of the SEC might not finish the season with bowl eligibility. Think about that.
  7. Missouri Tigers - I honestly have no idea what to do with Mizzou or, for that matter, the rest of the SEC East.
  8. LSU Tigers - I did rank them above LSU though, because, uh... I dunno. I'm a jerk. Whatever.
  9. South Carolina Gamecocks - At least they'll beat Clemson...
  10. Georgia Bulldogs - ...just like these guys did!
  11. Tennessee Volunteers - Tennessee's going to be a headache for every team they play. I hate that.
  12. Florida Gators - Hell, maybe Florida really is that bad. I'll admit, I bought into their preseason expectations a bit as a dark horse SEC East contender behind an improved offense, probably because the idea of Florida being a strong team isn't such a foreign one to us. So far, though, they haven't been particularly good on either side of the ball.
  13. Kentucky Wildcats - Kentucky hasn't been good either, but the improvements are noticeable. Good on Stoops.
  14. Vanderbilt Commodores - At least we can agree on this.