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What Ole Miss Fans Should Know About this Weekend

Ross Bjork speaks and you listen.

Here are the Cliff's notes from Ross Bjork's appearance on Studio 18, during which he made remarks on what fans should expect out of this weekend's Ole Miss vs. Memphis game:

  1. This is Chucky Mullins weekend. Chucky's accident was 25 years ago, and that year the Ole Miss Rebels found themselves in the Liberty Bowl after the regular season. The connection between the Chucky Mullins story and Memphis is, therefore, a natural one.
  2. Chucky Mullins Drive will be dedicated this weekend, and Mullins will be posthumously inducted into the M Club.
  3. The number 38 will be featured on the Rebs' helmets and have a prominent fixture in the corners of both endzones at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.
  4. The 38 yard line will be specially marked on the field. (Hey, OxpatchReb, wasn't this your idea?)
  5. The first 20,000 fans will get a No. 38 button to wear.
  6. And a bunch of other things that are important. Seriously, just watch the video.