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Wednesday Answer: My SEC Power Poll Ballot

This is a little bit of a different way to answer my question from yesterday, but here it is.

Jamie Squire
1. Auburn - I've never felt less confident in my prediction for the #1 team in the SEC power poll.
2. Texas A&M - A&M is starting to look a little less unbeatable, but they're still blowing out bad competition.
3. Alabama - We're in a strange place when the top three teams in a division can make a claim to being the #1 team in the country. Amari Cooper is going to be phenomenal in the NFL.
4. MSU - State was excellent for three quarters. Then a capable quarterback came on the field, and all bets were off. Still, congrats on the win.
5. UGA - I know what you're thinking. But Juco, how can you say Georgia is better than the team that beat them? Well, for one, they only lost by three points on the road and it took a goal line stand for that to happen. Also, Georgia beat a solid Clemson team. However, the primary reason is that the rest of South Carolina's resume looks pretty bad. South Carolina lost to A&M by 24 points IN COLUMBIA. They beat Vanderilt YES THAT VANDERBILT by fourteen points, only pulling away in the fourth quarter. They just aren't all that good. So there's my Wednesday Answer.
6. Ole Miss - Um.... I guess Ole Miss is.... good? or bad? or alright? I don't know. Something.
7. South Carolina - South Carolina is the weirdest team in the conference. Are they very good or horrible?
8. LSU - Brandon Harris looked good, but if I'm an LSU fan, I'm pretty terrified of what State was able to do offensively.
9. Arkansas - Arkansas is scary for reasons not involving their fan base. Maybe the offense WILL work in the SEC.
10. Missouri - Just when Missouri had finally earned some well-deserved long-term respect, they lost to Indiana. Thanks, Missouri. Thanks for losing to a B1G team.
11. Tennessee - Tennessee is better than many expected, but they still have a long way to go.
12. Florida - I laughed when Jacoby Brissett transferred to NC State. Now he's 4-0 with a 10:1 TD:INT. Florida could probably use that right about now.
13. Kentucky - What if.... what if Kentucky beats South Carolina in three weeks? Oh, SEC East. You're the best division in the conference. Don't let anyone tell you different.
14. Vanderbilt - Oh, Vanderbilt. This is what happens when undertalented and overmatched teams hire hard-nosed defensive coaches in modern college football.