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Ole Misc.: How are we Going to Handle a Bye Week?

We just want football.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

With no Ole Miss football this weekend, what is a rogue group of bloggeurs to do? Spend two weeks previewing Memphis (no)? Discuss non-football related matters (maybe)? Watch a lot of other teams play football and wish that weren't the case (definitely)?

We'll talk a bit more about the season thus far and hopefully we won't repeat ourselves, just as we'll do our best to look ahead to the rest of the season without putting the cart too far in front of the horse. We'll also maybe mention Memphis here or there but, c'mon, there's only so much you can say about Memphis.

Coverage can be a bit tough during bye weeks, so hopefully we'll be able to keep it interesting. If not, oh well. There's always next week.

Some Links:

  • Ole Miss is in the top-10 and Bo Wallace is putting up some incredible numbers. This doesn't sit well with my favorite Clarion Ledger commenter:

    How a team who has played absolutely no one of any significance can be rated in the top ten is a puzzler. Evidently Freeze has used his preacher talk to convince the voters that the 3 or 4 and 5 star sophomores and him allowing Boo-Boo to stay in the game against overmatched, worn down teams to run up the score and gain style points. "The nation's best Wallace?) What a crock. Dak Prescott threw a touchdown pass, caught a touchdown pass and ran for a touchdown Saturday. Unlike Freeze, Mullen played our no. 2 quarterback about half the snaps in the first 2 games, or Dak would be far ahead of Boo-Boo. How the pollsters could put a team who has played nobody in the top 10 is crazy. But, the season is just about to get to the nub-cutting and we will see how Boo-Boo does against the good SEC West linemen. I hope they have the beer cans and vomit cleared up by the next game at Oxpatch.

  • The Rebel soccer team is rolling, putting up an impressive 5-1-2 record on the year so far. This Friday night they play State in Starkville. That game's going to be broadcast on the SEC Network. Watch it.
  • We're looking so good in the Football Outsiders Poll right now. We're the 6th best team in the country overall on the backs of our turnover creating defense (ranked 6th overall) and prolific passing attack (7th).
  • Arkansas State's fake punt had an interesting twist. It still failed.

Some Tweets:

Ole Miss is so hot right now. And I have no idea what a "Top 25 Heat Index" is or how it is determined.

So if you're keeping track, we've had the national punter of the week, the national tight end of the week, the SEC player of the week, and now the national cornerback of the week.