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Ole Miss Comes in at No. 6 in our Latest SEC Power Poll Ballot

This isn't getting any easier, SEC.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

So we're three weeks into the college football season, and the SEC Power Poll ballot is as difficult to fill out as ever. Georgia obviously slips down for losing to South Carolina, but by how much? And via the ever-so-unreliable transitive property of college football, what does that say about Texas A&M? How much weight do you put on the schedules of Ole Miss and Mississippi State? Is it really that surprising that Arkansas ran all over Texas Tech? And what the hell am I supposed to do with Florida or Kentucky?

So knowing that I really have no idea what the hell is going on anymore, here's our SEC Power Poll ballot this week. Let us know where we went wrong and, if your argument is compelling enough, I'll probably make a change or two. It's not like it'll make a bit of difference anyway, because in three more weeks this thing will likely be all sorts of topsy-turvy.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide - They get to keep this until proven otherwise.
  2. Auburn Tigers - Statistically Auburn is probably the SEC's most prominent team, but I don't think their defense will allow them to win the SEC again.
  3. Texas A&M Aggies - I don't really care that they were underwhelming against Rice, and neither does Kevin Sumlin.
  4. South Carolina - Well well well, look who just hopped into the SEC East driver seat. "Hey! What about me," says Missouri.
  5. LSU Tigers - Even against weak teams, a suffocating defense earns you some serious cred.
  6. Ole Miss Rebels - Same goes for Ole Miss as well. Add to that a Bo Wallace that's playing well above a lot of our expectations, and you've got a dangerous squad.
  7. Missouri Tigers - "Oh don't mind us, we're just sorta quietly 3-0 with a super impressive Maty Mauk leading our offense is all." Mizzou's gonna be in the top-10 before we know it and we'll all be stunned by it, just like last year.
  8. Georgia Bulldogs - Mark Richt probably hates Steve Spurrier.
  9. Arkansas Razorbacks - They trampled Texas Tech, and I thought "eh, figures." Had the opposite been the case, I would have thought, "eh, figures."
  10. Mississippi State Bulldogs - If a team wins a game that they proclaim to be the "biggest game in the history of Mobile" and nobody's talking about it a year later, then something something something seriously it's South Alabama whatever.
  11. Florida Gators - I was so looking forward to putting the Gators at No. 13 this week.
  12. Kentucky Wildcats - Sorry, Kentucky.
  13. Tennessee Volunteers - There really is no shame in losing to a really good Oklahoma team on the road, but I just don't know where else I'd put these guys.
  14. Vanderbilt Commodores - So you're not the worst team in the country. Hang your hat on that.