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#RCRMailbag Answers Questions on Hugh Freeze, Christian Morris, Uniforms, and Other Important Thigns

Y'all tweeted your questions, and we answered 'em. If you've got questions you'd like us to answer next week, tweet using the hashtag #RCRMailbag and maybe we'll get to it.

Sikes Orvis gets a couple of shoutouts in the #RCRMailbag this weekend.
Sikes Orvis gets a couple of shoutouts in the #RCRMailbag this weekend.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Ghost: I know this was intended for the Red Cup Cebellion mailbag, but I'll answer it anyway. I didn't see much of that against Boise State or Vanderbilt. Well, okay, against Vanderbilt we did things we wouldn't do against other teams, namely give Devante Kincade and Jeremy Liggins snaps at quarterback in the first half, which did seem to set us back a bit in terms of the passing game. But, shit, it's Vanderbilt. They're terrible. Ethan Flatt could have lit that Vandy secondary up.

Whiskey: Right now, I'd say no. We are taking care of business, we have a lot of players and concepts that we want to work in. Freeze's goal should be (and certainly is) to narrow things down a bit by the time the most challenging games roll around, while not letting on how the offense will look. Has Freeze gotten too cute in the past? At times, yes, but I'd still rather have that than a coach who isn't an innovator on offense.

Smeargle: If any trick plays come out, they will assuredly come out against Bama to try and catch them off guard...something that isn't on film anywhere....and something that will probably fail horribly. Dance with the girl you brought to the ball: establish the run and set up the read option/play action/pass.

Ghost: I have no idea. I'm guessing we're working by committee until someone can show that they're capable of doing everything our backs are asked to do in this offense. If we could somehow find a guy with the power and downhill ability of Jordan Wilkins, the lateral movement of Mark Dodson, the speed and hands of Jaylen Walton, and the durability of iTavius Mathers, we'd have... Todd Gurley.

Whiskey: Committee. There is no separation. I'Tavius Mathers probably had the best chance to be "the guy" but he hasn't played particularly well (with limited opportunities). It sucks, but the best person to hand the ball to right now is probably Mark Dodson, and I guess he's just not as complete as the others.

Smeargle: I love both Mathers and Walton and honestly think its the lack of depth at the OL which hasn't created the holes up the middle for the them to dart through. So maybe it will be whoever gets the lucky break/touch/snap once the OL has gelled more.

Ghost: I have no reason to think it's anybody other than Cody Core at this point. You can never get enough Cody Core.

Whiskey: Core just looks too good. Vince Sanders is good, but he looks like a possession receiver right now (not that there's anything wrong with that), and Core looks like a guy who stretches the field, which is what can best help us take pressure off of Treadwell.

Smeargle: I honestly think it will rotate each game. As teams see film with different receivers getting looks, more focus will be put on that specific WR for an upcoming game, thus shifting the #2 look to someone else. It's the beauty of a having a "Calvin Johnson"-esque threat in Treadwell and a cabinet of receivers that can all step up when the opposing secondary gets too caught up in double teaming the #1 and #2 guys.

Ghost: My favorite home uniform has to be the classic red on gray. Ole Miss has been using that uniform for a long time now and it looks too good to not keep using. For away uniforms, I actually like the white with blue trim on top with the blue bottoms, like what we wore against Vanderbilt last year. I know some people will find this sacrilegious because pants colors are a tightly clung to tradition, but whatever.

Whiskey: It kinda depends on the opponent. I sure do like the home Red lined up against white shirts and yellow britches, but generally, I prefer Navy. I really do like the new kits for the away jersies, but as Rhodestar will tell you, the traditional white on gray is one of the best uniforms in all of football. Again, I think it depends on opponents. The new kits looked great against Vandy's black last year, but I'd hate to see them against an Alabama or MSU.

Smeargle: I love the "University Grays" uniform even though we traditionally play pretty awful in them.

Ghost: I'm guessing this weekend in a mopup role. He's not ready to play significant minutes at either tackle spot, but he'll get some gametime this week and the next. He'll be ready to contribute significant minutes at right tackle (and maybe a guard spot or two) once we get into the meat of the SEC schedule.

Whiskey: I'll counter that question with more of an observation than an answer. If Morris plays against ULL, I'll take it to mean that the coaches are either super high on his talent, or super worried about the situation at Tackle. It would be really hard to have him ready to play at all in this game, in my opinion.

Ghost: I will be. I'm gonna spend my Saturday enjoying some #WHISKEYANDMEAT. Of course, that's not particularly different than most Saturdays, but I'll keep Sikes Orvis in mind while I do it.

Whiskey: We should only do it if we also honor ULL's baseball team for getting MSU fans to shut the fuck up for a second.

Smeargle: I've seen Sikes Orvis twice in the last week around town and have honored him by awkwardly staring at his broad shoulders until he senses my eyes on his NO-LIMIT-SWOLLDIER body.