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Red Cup Radio Talks Vanderbilt, Louisiana-Lafayette, and 'Crootin

This week, we talk about the Vanderbilt game, Drew Richmond, Donte Fitzpatrick, Alex Givens, and the upcoming UL-Lafayette game. It was early when we recorded, so forgive any illogical statements. As an added bonus, you, our loyal listeners, get the valued insight of Whiskey Wednesday's cat, Ruby. I'm not overselling her when I say she knows much more about Ole Miss than any of us do.

Click here to listen on a non-flash mobile device.

Overall, we're all pretty confident about this weekend. It should be a fun time and allow for Rebel fans to see some backups play again. We'll have some more coverage once Alex Givens announces this morning, so keep checking back with us.

Edited to Add: It was pointed out by a reader that we in fact have five seniors on the basektball roster since we had two one and done transfers. I knew that. It was early. Sorry.