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The Season's Vanderbilt Episode is Unsurprisingly Amazing

I mean, again with the killer content? Can these folks do no wrong?

This week's episode of The Season highlights Ole Miss' 41-3 win over Vanderbilt. It's fantastically entertaining.

As I watched it for the first time, I took some notes. Here they are:

  • There's a scene where the defensive line is making fun of Herbert Moore for being a social media addict, but if you know Twitter then you know that me tell you about Big Herb's Twitter account is top notch. Dude gets it. He knows how to engage with his followers, establish a brand, and publicize himself and the Rebs. I'm not even kidding here when I say that he could have a future as a marketer.
  • David Kamara doesn't like green beans? Is something wrong with him? Has a doctor looked into this?
  • As if Big Herb can't catch a break. First you have C.J. Johnson making fun of his Twitterin', and then you've got Mike Hilton making fun of his appetite. Y'all, he's a defensive tackle. I hope he's eating two or three plates worth of rice and gravy a day.
  • Devante Kincade gets a shoutout for his Madden prowess, and his XBox live gamertag is even flashed on the screen (it's DPKDOWORK if you'd like to challenge and lose to him in Madden).
  • Is Bo Wallace a St. Louis Cardinals fan? Gross.
  • At least he's not a Braves fan.
  • #Natitude (deal with it)
  • "Look at me! Don't I look hungry?" No, Woodrow Hamilton, you don't.
  • During one of the sideline shots, I noticed a promotion on the jumbotron that offered any ticket holder free queso from Moe's if Vanderbilt scored 21 points. Ain't nobody in Nashville gettin' free queso from Moe's this year.
  • Bo Wallace is a demonstrably stronger quarterback this season than he was last season. He made plenty of throws this game that were much deeper and in much tighter windows than he would have been able to make last season. It makes the whole offense better, and If you don't notice that then you're not paying attention.
  • What a play by Cliff Coleman to snag that interception an inch off of the turf and bring it in for a score. You can't help but be happy for a fifth year senior who makes a play like that.
  • Stephen Rivers looks so sad all the time. Cheer up, Stephen.
  • "Show up and show out."